Many years of experience

Pelikula has produced over 500 videos and films, both for Slovenian and foreign contracting entities. Some well-known fiction and documentary films are a part of this stock.

Professional equipment

We dispose of professional recording technology and a wide range of accessories. So we can offer our clients:

  • Professional recording technology - more cameras.
  • A remote-controlled camera on cranes of length of up to 3 metres or up to 6 metres.
  • Aerial cameras on a hexacopter.
  • Recording on a  car (camera on bonnet or oof of the car. When attaching the vehicle is not damaged.)
  • Recording from a so-called slider (length 2 metres).
  • Light stock - a total of approx. 4500W.
  • The technology for capturing sound - different wired and wireless microphones for studio or venue.
  • Recording time-lapse technique with the possibility of simultaneous movement of the camera.
  • Micro or macro recording technologies.